Variable Transformer

Variable Transformer

Input Voltage: 120VAC

Output Voltage: 0~130VAC

Available in:

  • 2 Amp (0~37VAC only) with isolation
  • 3 Amp
  • 5 Amp
  • 10 Amp with isolation
  • 20 Amp

Customer Reviews

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Donald Sowers
A 'variac' and much more.

An autotransformer (variac) it is, capable of working with loads up to 1000 watts but it is also a isolation transformer to give safety to the worker and equipment.
Well built with only a few minor areas that others have commented concern which I yawned.
It came in securely in an extremely triple box system to assure the 23 pounder arrived without incident.
These folks have a winner. I am very pleased with them and their product.

Part #: SC-15T

  • Input Voltage: 117VAC @50/60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 0~130VAC
  • Power Rating: 1500VA
  • With Isolation.  Grounding pins not isolated.  Passed through.

**Item discontinued** Please refer to our SC-10T (10Amp) as a possible alternative