AC-AC Power Supply 16.5V AC @ 2400mA; Screw Terminals x 3

by PHC Enterprise, Inc.
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Part #: AC-1624SA

Input: 120VAC 60 Hz

Output: 16.5VAC @ 2400mA

Output Connector: Screw Terminals x 3

  •  If you have a hardwired Honeywell Vista or ADT Safewatch Pro Panel and your transformer needs replacing, this may be a match.  
  • To ensure a proper match, please know the power specifications required.
  • With an output Voltage of 16.5VAC, it’s compatible with Vista-10p, Vista-15p, and Vista-20P, Vista-40, Vista-50, Vista 128BPT, and Vista 250BPT. It is also compatible with FBII Omni Panels, GE Concord Panels, and DSC Powerseries Panels.